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Are you looking to produce a film and require the skills of a driven Director of Photography to help you turn that visual dream into an artistic reality? From location scouting to storyboarding and acquisition, we specialize in helping independent productions get on their feet.


For those of you requiring rental equipment for a shoot, we have a few professional options available for varying budgets. Our HD DSLR package is an affordable option for low-budget independent films whereas our RED Scarlet-X package is catered to higher budget productions.

Filmmaking Blog

Follow our filmmaking adventures. We like to share our successes and misfortunes so that others can learn and grow with us. For those attempting to get into the industry and just starting out, we also share tips and techniques that will help you hone your filmmaking craft

If you would like to request any additional information regarding our services or have any questions, we welcome you to contact us by phone at 403.389.4166, by email at info@i4life.ca, or by filling out and submitting the form below.

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